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Rebecca Rosenzweig

Vice President of Client Services
True Care Home Health Care Assistance

"Working with Inspired Memory care has been a gift to our company, caregivers, but most importantly, our clients. It is remarkable to watch our aides interact with clients with memory impairment with ease. We look forward to our continued partnership with Inspired and all we have to offer the community.  IMC is a true marriage of genius and kindness.  I'm a big fan!"
"The founders of Inspired Memory Care are experts in the field of aging and memory care.  I have had the honor of working very closely with Nettie Harper and have learned a tremendous amount from her experience and her leadership style. She is a true servant leader who has always had the ability to inspire her team no matter what their particular role was or how difficult the situation may have been. Kelly and Nettie have a truly unique program that is effective and enriches the lives of those that they serve be it a resident, family or healthcare team. The aging process is difficult for all involved and often produces more questions than answers.  Inspired Memory Care offers attainable solutions while maintaining dignity and respect."

Rafel A. Sgammato, MBA, NMT, MT-BC, CDP

Nostalgic Notes, LLC

 "I am a therapist working exclusively with our elder population; bringing individual psychotherapy to my patients where they feel the most comfortable: in their home or place of residence. I work with patients who are cognitively impaired and I understand firsthand the challenges facing their families and their caregivers.

I have been to an Inspired Memory Care training; Kelly and Nettie bring their expertise, compassion, respect and wisdom to the forefront when training caregivers. I came away with tools that I can pass on to my patient’s caregivers that can ease the stress and anxiety that often come with living with memory impairment. Kelly and Nettie have had a positive impact on my practice enabling me to improve the quality of life of my patients with dementia or mild cognitive impairment."

Andrea Shaw, LCSW

Private Practice

"I am infinitely thankful to Kelly for teaching me how to have a new kind of relationship with my Mom.  Her insights into reading Mom's cues and tips on how to best engage with her have really helped me to have more meaningful visits. I would highly recommend Kelly's services to anyone looking to better understand their loved one. Kelly's knowledge and extensive experience in dementia care is only matched by her kindness and compassion."​​

Samantha Hutten, PhD

Family Member

"It's a good training.  I never experienced anything like this before."​​

Janet E, HHA


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